"They make fun of you because you let them, ignore them. In two years you’re gonna be in the NHL and they’re gonna be mall security guards and we can all go huck garbage at them.”

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A few months ago Clare told Drew right to his face that he wasn’t her type. Flash forward to now and Drew is unknowingly telling Clare that she’s not his type at all. So why are we still on this ride? It’s not fun. It was never fun.

If they actually end up together they are just one giant contradiction.

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reblogi think the writers need to get their shit straight

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Anonymous: And Tristan is doing the same thing again. First saying Zig is her Ex boyfriend and how Zig is in love with her.

I know. He makes me so frustrated, which is why he’s my least favorite character.



I don't make friends that easy.. And I wreck everything I touch, first with Fiona and now with you. +